2019 primary care Hawai conference

Hello Professionals!

Join us for Primary Care Hawaii Conference– Care giving for both the Active and Athletic Patient, May 6-10, 2019 held at the magnificent Hyatt Regency Maui Spa Resort.

Who can attend this conference?

Primary Care Hawaii is a high-class educational conference useful for medical professionals, physicians and surgeons who care for active as well as athletic patients or who themselves want to lead a high lifestyle. The conference is focused specially for the Family Medicine, Pediatrics, Internal Medicine, PM&R, Emergency Medicine and Orthopedics specialists. Moreover Physical Therapists, Physicians Assistants, Sports Trainers, Nurse Practitioners and others who wish to receive Continuing Medical Education can attend this conference and gain the benefits. The conference will be organized by the best doctors who are superb speakers.

How this conference will be useful:

This conference will provide very realistic knowledge about primary health care that you can apply in your medical practice. Topics covered include the common medical and musculoskeletal complications that affect patients who can lead an active lifestyle. This conference highly focus on providing info that will assist you easily identify and manage these illness in the office; consequently you can help your patients get better again and improve their life style. In addition, various health care topics related to lifestyles and personal fitness will make this conference more valuable experience for people attending.. .

About the conference location

Our home location for the week is the eventual Kaanapali Beach hotel – Hyatt Regency Maui Resort & Spa. It is surrounded by 40 luxurious, beachfront lands; our wonderful Maui hotel presents an amazing array of pleasant ways to spend your precious days and nights. You can thrill with our water park, make use of the spa, play competition golf and tennis, ride the waves, scuba diving, and even you have the amenity to spend an evening with the paradises. Dinner is on the beauty of nature, on our precious art collection, and in our delicious restaurants. Pamper in all we have to propose to create your own seamless Maui resort breakout.

Advantages of Primary Care Hawaii Conference

The primary care conference program allows for a variety of sessions with your friends and personal time with your colleagues and friends to relish Maui and enjoy its world famous beaches and attractions. So we encourage you to accompany your family and invite friends who will add to your enjoyment of all that Maui has to offer

Wonderful Hyatt Regency Maui Spa Resort Rates

Standard View: $275.00
Pool View: $320.00
Partial Ocean View: $355.00
Deluxe Ocean View: $398.00